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"... no matter what kind of wisdom dictates you the option to pick, no one will be able to tell if it's right or wrong until you arrive to some sort of outcome from your choice."

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The school uniform bugged her; with the itchy blouse and blazer combo, not to mention the skirt that if she attempted to kick the runt in front of her, more would show than just her strength and hatred. Although she could try a few punches at least, even though she doubted any would get through. 

But if she kept fighting Levi, though, there’s a possibility that Eren wouldn’t be too happy with this. “..As much as I’d like it to be, just so I can knock a few of your teeth out, Eren wouldn’t prefer this sort of action.”

Doesn’t mean he put her in her place yet, just because of their difference in roles. “Besides, I’d rather not fight you in a skirt.”

Levi snorted at her reply, obviously displeased by her response. Why did this brat care so much about what Eren thought? Sure, he was her only ‘family’, but that didn’t mean that she should bind down her ability to freely choose what she wanted to do just for that shitty brat’s sake. 

"What makes you think that you can knock my teeth out if all you’re thinking about is what that brat prefers? You can’t even touch me without thinking about Jaeger. Tell me, what’d he do if you fought me? Would he complain? Cry that it was all your fault for getting into the fight when it’s obviously mines since I’m provoking you? You’re whipped, Ackerman.”

Pausing, he looked down at her skirt then returned to her expressionless face, hints of annoyance clear in his eyes. “Now you’re just making excuses.”



Reading that expression all too well considering it was one he wore all too well. It was something Mikasa wasn’t amused about at all. Then again she never did enjoy Levi’s presence, nor the way he acted towards other people. She wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up getting beaten up! By someone other than her of course.

"Keep speaking like that and you won’t live past the next few seconds." Raising her hands and crackling her knuckles. Mikasa knew he wouldn’t feel intimated by her; that was highly unlikely. He was one of the few people who didn’t fear her violence. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t give him a punch or two in the stomach.

"Maybe I’ll make you gag on your own blood after I punch you in your stomach. With the way you’re talking, you deserve a good hit or two.” 

She spoke as if she really could beat him to a pulp, which he honestly couldn’t deny. She had the power, she had the skills but what she didn’t have was the ability to keep her emotions in check. Too soon would she be blinded in rage, seeing only red as she would blindly attack him. But despite knowing this, Levi figured that he could teach her a thing or two about controlling such emotions.

"Is this a declaration of war, Ackerman?" he challenged, raising a brow as he casually let his muscles tense up, just in case she planned a surprise attack to his gut, face or anywhere in between his legs. 

"You speak as if you’re the teacher giving the student a good punishment. If you plan to win a fight against me, know your place before I show you where you belong, brat.”



"Now hold on~! What sort of teacher picks fun of his students?! I oughta report you!"


"This isn’t necessarily fun. If anything, this is annoying. You should have  more discipline to refrain from uselessly shouting at your teachers, brat.”


That is NOT what he wanted

He flattened the dirt quickly, and spelled out

"pls dont"

He doesn’t have much room so he tries his best to get the message across..


How pathetic. Clicking his tongue, Levi took Eren’s plea as an act of defiance. 

"Did you say ‘no’? How disgusting. I’m surprised you enjoy being something you absolutely hate so damn much. How is it up there? Do you like seeing people cower beneath your feet, begging you to have mercy on their lives?” he spat, clearly displeased. 

Early Morning Meeting || ~Izaya and ANYONE~


Izaya couldn’t help but laugh at Levi’s statement.  “Psychic?  I’m flattered you think so highly of me.  Though it’s hardly anything so extraordinary as that.” In truth, Izaya’s understanding of the human psyche was extensive, and he merely used this knowledge as the foundation to guess what people were thinking. Sometimes he was wrong, but more often he was right. He hadn’t fully figured out the man standing before him yet, though it seemed to him that maybe the displeasure he so openly displayed towards Izaya was not all there was to it. Admiration, maybe? he guessed. The thought that someone might admire him - in whatever form that may be - pleased him. It was only natural that humans should reciprocate the love he had for them - even if that love was anything but personal.

"Did my leave perturb you that much?" he asked, a smirk playing at his lips. His red-brown eyes sparkled with humour as he locked gazes with the other man. "I didn’t take you to be one who’d care so much." An interesting development, indeed. He couldn’t have guessed before that Levi might really care this much about his presence. He had had admirers before, and he had used them to his advantage - they were the perfect playthings, after all. But this was… Different? Yes, different, because Levi probably wouldn’t let himself be manipulated by Izaya so easily. Plus, there was a higher risk of death if Izaya pushed his buttons too much.

He’s skilled. This much was obvious, both by how he carried himself and the rumours that reached Izaya’s awareness. Perhaps Izaya could still out-manoeuvre him, though it wasn’t something he wanted to put to the test if he could avoid it.

"How conceited could you get?" Levi sighed. Already, he was beginning to regret voicing out his acknowledgement of Izaya as a psychic (even if it was a joke). He should have known that such a word would get into his head and spin it around until it seemed much more like a compliment rather than an insult. After all, it wasn’t like psychic these days were all that. They were con-artists simply made up lies to suck the money out of gullible morons. Izaya gave off a vibe that he himself could be like one as well.

"I don’t," he replied bluntly, his tone bored as he frowned at the man. He didn’t care at all for Izaya’s well being as well as his whereabouts. Hell, he would rather be eaten by a titan than do something as ludicrous as stalking the mans every movement. "I believe you’ve mistaken your rather un-classy way of leaving with my question. As a professional, it’s only logical that you inform your acquaintences about your leave rather than disappearing out of thin air.”

Izaya was quite a handful for an adult as always. Now Levi really wanted to make him suffer even more. Ah, how nostalgic. It reminded him of the time when he’d promised himself he’d send the delinquents to his class for detention. Perhaps he should do that again this year as well.







Spotting the smirk that played on his lips made the anger inside grow. She could whip that smirk right off his face with a solid punch. Although it wouldn’t be until the male started something, either with her, Eren, or even Armin. Although it’d most likely be her adoptive brother being picked on mercilessly by the old man, which just assuming the trouble Levi might cause made Mikasa just want to punch him more

"You would like that, wouldn’t you.. And maybe have him bite his own tongue off whilst he’s at it? Just so he couldn’t complain you torment him.

This was not going to be fun. What would be fun is beating this guy to a pulp. 

Levi hummed at her response, already expecting the snappy comeback. Still no sign of respect, ah? Well, of course he wouldn’t be anticipating that kind of thing from her. At least, not yet. After all, he’d beaten the living shit out of her only ‘family.’ Crossing his arms, he gave her a bored look, one that gave off an aura that practically screamed ‘I don’t give a shit.’

"That’d be a sight quite to see," he replied bluntly. "Seeing you both choke on your own blood that is. I wonder who’d be the one to be alive long enough to hear their own gurgled screams. Frankly, I feel that it would be you. Ah, and then the last thing you’d see before you collapse is the sight of your precious brother gagging at his own blood.”

The possibility of her utterly making him succumb to defeat was likely but Levi would make sure that it wouldn’t happen.

Early Morning Meeting || ~Izaya and ANYONE~


Levi. That was the name of the short, stern-faced man who now stood scurtinising him. Oh, yes, Izaya recalled him. How could he forget? He had had some fun teasing him, and in truth held a certain interest in the man. Despite being of short stature and possessing even shorter patience, he exuded a certain strength. Cold. That’s the impression I get from this person. He’s very cold. And calculating. Ah, much like me, perhaps, but with different interests, and less… warm.

"Hello, Levi" Izaya greeted calmly, keeping his eyes focused on the man’s face. "I must admit, I didn’t expect to see you here so soon. Ah, were you curious about my returning, then? Maybe you caught wind of the rumours and couldn’t quite believe it for yourself. Well, here I am. I’m back and I’ve no intention of leaving again." Naturally, this was only true. Izaya, initially drawn to Eiyu due to the promise of its various interesting facets and people, had been reluctant to go on a leave of absence. Unfortunate circumstance had forced him to, though he had never planned to give up on the academy for good.

And now here he was again, content with his position of professor in the rather interesting academy for the time being. Admittedly, of all the people he expected to see again so soon after his return, Levi hadn’t even occurred to him as a possibility. Perhaps it was because the man had displayed only distaste towards Izaya in their first encounter, though it was also possible that Levi harboured and hid other feelings regarding Izaya. Maybe he was even just as curious about Izaya as Izaya was of him. That made this scenario unanticipated in a not-unpleasant way.

That voice pissed him off as always. No matter how many times he heard his voice, there was no way he could get used to it. The man spoke as if each word were his last—- that he just had to say them because it was like a burning need that couldn’t be simply dowsed with water. But frankly, Levi couldn’t say that he hated it. What Izaya said was the truth after all. Izaya didn’t seem to be the kind of person to waste his breath on pointless lies.

"Funny, I was hoping that God would have taken away your stupid power of being a psychic." Narrowing his eyes, he thought over Izaya’s words. No intention of leaving again, ah? What a careless thing to say. "It wouldn’t be so much of a bother to let me know to let me know of your leave," he stated, referring to when Izaya had abruptly left without a farewell.

To any other person, being annoyed at something like this was probably an overreaction, but to Levi it wasn’t. Having someone that he could tolerate and vice versa was something that Levi took to heart. Not too often did he stumble upon someone that irked him yet at the same time give him a sense of relief. It was hard. Too damn hard especially considering the fact that he didn’t like making acquaintances period. So of course when Izaya left without telling him anything telling him, Levi would be more than annoyed with him. To the point where he would even try to make his life a living hell now that he was back to teach.



Why. Why was he, of all people, here

Ever since she arrived at Eiyu, she had already fought a guy who harmed Eren. Sure, she found her non-biological brother, though she had to fight a person just to reunite with him. Now she might just have to fight another person causing the damage the man in front of her caused a lot of damage to the titan shifter.

"I thought that they wouldn’t let children off their leashes.” 

Ah… he knew that voice from anywhere. It was none other than Ackerman, well known for her intense brother complex as well as talent. She was his other half. She was the one that could have a chance to actually kill him. Smirking at her harsh words, he gave her a once-over. Same life-less, dead eyes but this time, they held a flame in them. This was probably the only way that he could coax some kind of emotion from her and that was to piss the living hell out of her.

"You got quite the tongue as always, Ackerman. I’m surprised Jaeger hasn’t bit them off yet."

Ah yes, this was going to be quite fun and entertaining for him.

Vertically challenged || Sebby & Levi


It seems that this short man was much more.. smarter than his small head seemed to be able to hold. It was surprising for the demon in a sense. Humans were such fascinating creatures, and this was why he enjoyed working with his current Lord. It was never a dull day with him and the other servants that worked under him.. Never.

With that in mind, this human in front of him was much older than Ciel, and yet he was much more older. It was strange.. It was as if he had skipped his whole growth process and stayed the same height as a 10 year old boy for all of his puny human life. How pitiful indeed. His words were rather sharp however, which meant that it was to make up for his lack of height right? Being able to speak to someone harshly whilst being that small and intimidate someone must be tough, especially since height comes with the wonders of being intimidating without even saying anything. However, Sebastian simply chuckled at the other’s comment, knowing that he had seem something to say such things to him. He was sharp indeed.

"Oh? I suppose I should take that as a compliment, don’t you agree? However, if I wish to smile, must simply smile. It is something that is accustom to my previous job, and I simply cannot shake such old habits with ease. I hope you understand that."


Sebastian was a sly man indeed – much like a fox in the night – so when the other had stated about his smile, Sebastian was quick-witted enough to come out with a coverup without even having to think about it. It was nice to be such a smart being.

He watched the other sipping away at his coffee that was held by his puny hands, and sighed to himself rather quietly. The disgusting smell of the hot beverage simply irritated the butler, because it was just too strong for the upper-class to be drinking, especially his Lord. Though, if this commoner wanted to drink it then so be it.. It wasn’t as if he was going to be worried if something were to happen to him anyway – he disliked this puny human.

"That is a shame, but if you chose that then I suppose it must happen that way." Inside he was over the moon, but of course he would never show that. He was a professional after all! "I am ready whenever you are, Sir."

He lowered his head a little to show that he was ready – kind of like a bow – and turned in the direction of the door, waiting for this ant to lead him around the school.

What the— what was that look? Was that… pity? The hell would this douchebag be pitying him for? Nothing horrible happened to him that Sebastian had seen. Unless… it was his height that this guy was judging. Feeling a nerve prick at his temples, Levi scowled at the latter, honestly getting quite annoyed that he just couldn’t stop staring at his short stature. Well, it wasn’t like he was short. He was just…. vertically challenged is all.

And that could go for the other man as well. He was just as vertically challenged as he was. After all, it wasn’t like Sebbastian could fit through small spaces now could he?

"What, were you in a Host Club in your previous job?" Levi didn’t know what other job would require etiquette mannerisms as well as grammar, a good looking guy and a smile. A Club Host was the only fitting description for his previous job, right?

"You don’t seem to be genuinely hurt by that," Levi observed, knowing the basic signs of when a person would be downcast. He was a teacher, of course he’d know the basics of a broken man. He sighed, realizing that wow, he didn’t really care that much and headed towards the direction of the door. To finish a job was to start as early as possible he’d just gotten the thumbs up from Sebbastian so why not use it to both their advantage. It wasn’t like the other man liked being with him either, after all.


"Hop to it, long legs, we don’t have all day." Oh, Levi had so much better things to do all day than guide a judgmental guy like him.